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Who We Are

Omega Support Services is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in Tucker, GA.  Our objective is to provide entrepreneurs with the necessary tools, education, and resources to optimize their personal and business credit to reinforce stability within a community. We focus on small business development, training, networking, personal and business credit, hosting business expos, and community outreach. We keep building and welcome you to become a part of the process. Supporting small businesses is a necessity in any community, and we appreciate your support.  The stronger our network, the stronger our clients.  More info at [email protected]

Christine Bloodworth

Christine Bloodworth

Executive Director

(Ms. Christy)- Christy Bloodworth is a serial entrepreneur of 23 years, with a genuine concern for people. Ms. Bloodworth started Omega Support Services Center in 2016 to help other entrepreneurs, single mothers, and non-profit leaders start and build a stable business.

 Ms. Bloodworth has extensive skills and knowledge in various areas from the private sector to government insurance, marketing, policies and procedures, internal billing, communications, and non-profit concentration. Ms. Bloodworth continues to build the organization as her passion for small business owners grows with each community served. Omega Support Center offers weekly webinars and monthly events on business, financial literacy, credit counseling, sales, and small business development.


” We believe anyone can prosper given the right tools and resources”

What We Do

Omega Support Center’s main objective is for start-up and small business development.  Omega Support Center clients have a general idea or an existing business, and through a 15-Step Program, we assist the client in launching a stable business complete with marketing strategies and capital.   We also showcase our clients by hosting several business expos and pop-up markets throughout the year.  Due to COVID19, in 2021, Omega Support Center will host more outdoor events to help small business owners during these challenging times.  

Omega Support Services offers several programs, training, or AL-A Carte Business services (whether you need an EIN# (Employee Identification Number) or an established LLC (Limited Liability Company).  As of March 2020, Omega Center established the Business Grant Program for new or established non-profit organizations.  With the proper research, business literacy, and fundaments, we have helped secure funding to support their business. This year, we will add more programs as the need for home-based businesses and replacement income is mandatory to manage the current challenging times.   Please contact us for more information on how we may be of assistance.